Meet Pil-Pil, hurricane ''Maria'' survivor

Meet Pil-Pil, hurricane ''Maria'' survivor

Hi everyone!

We want to share with you the story of Pil-Pil, a very special cat, whom is a survivor of the terrible crisis that took place in Puerto Rico in 2017, the hurricane ''Maria''.

In November 2017, Pil-Pil has been found hiding behind the ruins of a grocery shop. He was a month old when he was found, which means Pil-Pil was born into this crisis.We can't imagine the trauma he went trough, we don't even know if he had some siblings he lost in this crisis, his mom has never been found...

Pil-Pil has a really unique look on his face, the kind of look that makes your heart stop for a moment. This was probably the reason a month later he was transferred to the United States.

Pil-Pil spent some time in one of NYC shelters, then when he became 4 months old, Pil-Pil was adopted by Shir, an Israeli girl, that lived in New York at this time. Shir told us about how Pil-Pil made her fall in love with a look of an eye: ''I was in the shelter, seeing about 20 cats hanging together, but somehow, when he looked at me, it took me 10 seconds to understand he is the one!''

Shir took him and raised Pil-Pil at her apartment in NYC, together with her brother. I met Pil-Pil when I stayed at Shir's apartment for few nights last year when I visited NYC. I couldn't help myself and fell in love with him really quick.

Pil-Pil is a very curious cat. He likes to play ''fetch'' and loves scratches (almost as much as he loves to catch flies). Pil-Pil has some trust issues, he gets scared very easy, and he is sensitive to loud noises, it has a lot to do with the trauma he is still caring with him.

Here in PrintMe, we are encouraging ''adopt don't buy'' program. There are so many animals, so sweet and special, waiting for you out there to come and host them a warm house and be a loving family for them. Who knows? maybe you are the next love story... Go and save them!

We send Pil-Pil and Shir a lot of love. keep having fun and take care of each other. we love you!

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    Such a beautiful story😍
    Im all for adopt not buy!

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